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I am Teresa Landry, a 25 year veteran of the fitness industry. Today, even though I am still actively involved in the fitness industry, I consider myself a wellness advocate because health is about the whole person, not just fitness. There are many aspects of health, including sexual health. I designed The Canary Diet to focus primarily on the most common underlying causes of erectile dysfunction. This diet has the potential to help people whose erectile problems stem from diet and lifestyle choices. Some cases may be too severe to be noticeably impacted by diet and lifestyle choices. The longer a problem persists, the less likely it can be reversed. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, time matters.

Before I designed The Canary Diet, I created The Aging Balance System, which is a book/dvd combo that focuses on the basics of being well: safe movement, health-promoting foods, and creating a positive environment. The principles behind The Canary Diet are derived from The Aging Balance System.